Loving Sai Ram from Prasanthi Nilayam
29 Oct 2016
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As we celebrate Deepavali, what should we reinforce within ourselves? Bhagawan lovingly guides us today.  

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'Afternoon Satsang - Stories behind Sai Bhajans and songs - Part 1'

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'Healing Touch: When the Divine Sought out the Dutiful Civil Servant'

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Sathya Sai Baba

Our festivals and holy days should be observed in the right spirit, with an understanding of their inner significance. The destruction of the demon Narakasura symbolises the destruction of evil and the restoration of good. Observe Deepavali as a day for getting rid of all the bad qualities in us. Many Gopikas who were imprisoned by Narakasura were freed by Lord Krishna on that day. This implies that we must free the imprisoned good qualities within us and allow them to be manifested effulgently. As long as demonic qualities remain within people, they will be immersed in darkness. Bad qualities and thoughts must be got rid of altogether. When you realise the impermanence of the body and all the sensory experiences, you will acquire detachment (vairagya). Discharge your duties, treating the body as a God-gifted instrument for this purpose.

- Divine Discourse, Nov 9,1988.

Good character is built up only by the constant practice of good actions. - Baba