Loving Sai Ram from Prasanthi Nilayam
26 Nov 2016
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In this charming and enjoyable world, Bhagavan encourages us to develop detachment in daily living, which seems hard. What can we do to develop detachment? Bhagawan lovingly teaches us today.  

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Sathya Sai Baba

You had a house and lived in it. You take great care to see that it is comfortable, charming and impressive. You get angry when some poster is pasted on its walls! Then one day you sell it. It is no longer the object of your attachment. Indeed, even if lightning strikes it you are not disturbed! Now you call the money you got yours; you put it in a bank and become attached to the passbook issued by the bank. You keep it in an iron safe and scan its pages lovingly. The money you gave the bank may be loaned by them to someone you do not like, but you do not care. You have the pass book with you. Now what exactly is yours? To which are you attached so deeply? The house, the money, or the pass book? You were attached to prestige, comfort, show, and greed - things that arose in your mind as desire; you were attached to your own ego, basically. That was the thing which induced you to claim these things, one after the other, as yours! Each of you must take up some spiritual effort in order to cleanse the mind of lust and greed, of envy and hate.

- Divine Discourse, Mar 27, 1966.

Practice detachment from now on; practice it little by little, for, a day will come sooner or later
when you will have to give up all that you hold dear. - Baba