Loving Sai Ram from Prasanthi Nilayam
29 Nov 2016
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What is the essence of all scriptures? How can we practice it in our daily life? Bhagawan, our loving God, explains to us crisply and clearly.  

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'Worshipping Sai Shiva with Music
- Part 1 of episode first aired on
27 Feb 2014'

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'Healing Touch: A Rare Experience of Learning at the Temple of Healing'

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Sathya Sai Baba

Youth and students should go to the four corners of the country, cleanse the place and keep away from doctors by themselves being clean. If the aim is to do good to others, then God Himself will take care of the selfless aim of doing good. This is the essence of Vyasa’s eighteen Puranas. To be able to do good to others is a great virtue (punya) and to be able to keep away from doing harm to others is also a merit. Therefore, even if you are not able to do good, just sit quietly and keep silent; but do no harm to others. You must take care to see that all the five organs are without any blemish. You should not see any bad with your eyes. You should not talk anything unworthy with your mouth; and you should not touch anything unclean. You should thus keep all your five organs in a sathwik (or sacred) state.

- Summer Roses on Blue Mountains, 1976, Ch 15.

Cultivate your heart to raise a harvest of Truth, Righteousness, Peace and Love. - Baba