Loving Sai Ram from Prasanthi Nilayam
28 Dec 2016
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How must we live and how must we prepare to leave? Bhagawan beautifully explains to us today.  

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'Outside Inside Deep Inside -
Dr. Narasimhan of the Mobile
Hospital - Part 1 - 13 Mar 2014'

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Sathya Sai Baba

The most valuable message the scriptures convey is this: Carry on your legitimate duties, discharge your obligations, and live up to your rights; but do not allow attachment to grow. Be like a trustee so far as family, riches, reputation, knowledge and skills are concerned. Leave them gladly aside, when the call of death comes. Death is pictured by some as a terror-striking God who rides a monster-buffalo, and pounces on you with a noose (Lord Yama in Indian scriptures). No, the noose is of your own making. He does not pounce; he gives advance notice of his arrival to take you - in the form of intimations like grey hair, falling teeth, failing vision, deafness, wrinkles, etc. He does not ride any beast; he is only another name for Time. It is Time that creeps steadily towards you and shears the cord of life. So utilise your capacity for karma (action) which you are endowed with to liberate yourself from the clutches of Time.

- Divine Discourse, Mar 23, 1966.

The quality of true love is to give and not to receive. - Baba