Loving Sai Ram from Prasanthi Nilayam
31 Dec 2016
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As we close the accounts for 2016 and start a new year afresh, what is the one resolve we must take for better and assured returns? Bhagawan lovingly explains today.  

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'Readings by Sri K. Chakravarthi - Episode 3 - Self Reflection'

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'Sathya Sai Speaks - The New Year
Benediction from Sai'

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Sathya Sai Baba

People make every effort to accumulate wealth. An equal effort is needed to acquire the wealth of love. Human beings today invest their assets of love in pitiful ventures. Instead they should invest all their love in the divine bank of devotion. This deposit is not only safe but will yield you increasing returns in terms of bliss. Your heart is the bank where your love for God should be deposited. Deposits elsewhere are insecure. Deposits of money may be in danger of being lost. But the deposit in your heart is immune from any kind of theft or loss. Make your deposit safe by insuring it within your heart. This love has been characterised as the form of eternal nectar (amrita-swarupa). Nectar pleases only the palate. But Divine Love confers eternal bliss which is sweeter than nectar. Resolve to acquire this nectarous love.

- Divine Discourse, Nov 23, 1996.

Love will be fostered only when non-violence is practiced. - Baba