Loving Sai Ram from Prasanthi Nilayam
12 Jan 2017
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What is needed the most in students and youth of today? Bhagawan lovingly reiterates to us today.  

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What students need today are three things: Spirit of Sacrifice, Devotion to God and Love for the Motherland. It is because people are filled with pride, selfishness and self-interest, they are ceasing to be human. For this, the first requirement is the elimination of ‘my’ and ‘mine’. The readiness to sacrifice one’s pleasure and comforts for the sake of one’s motherland must be promoted amongst one and all. When there are many noble-minded, and spiritually-oriented youth and students, nations will automatically achieve peace and security. You must develop self-reliance and self-confidence. Adhere to the basic qualities of truth, righteousness, forbearance and self-sacrifice. These are common to all people, without regard for nationality, creed or language. Cultivate a broad outlook, based on the fact that Divine is present in everyone. There is nothing that you cannot accomplish if you have firm faith in God and earn God’s Grace.

- Divine Discourse, Jan 14, 1988.

Sathya Sai Baba
Thursday Darshan Video - 131
The world's prosperity or otherwise is based upon the character of the youth
- men and women. - Baba