Loving Sai Ram from Prasanthi Nilayam
28 Jan 2017
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How should we spend our time on this earth? Bhagawan, Our Loving God, guides youth and elderly alike, today with His wise counsel.  

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'Outside Inside Deep Inside - Odisha
housing - Part 2 of episode first
aired on 3 Apr 2014'

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Sathya Sai Baba

You must be humble, but yet strong to resist temptation. Do not yield like cowards to the sly insinuations of the senses. Your time in this life is to be used not only in the task of collecting information and earning certain skills that will give you an income on which you can live; it must also be used to acquire the art of being content and calm, collected and courageous. Young students must also cultivate an ardent thirst for knowing the truth of the world and of your own self. Your words must be like honey; your hearts must be as soft as butter; your outlook must be like the lamp - illumining, not confusing. Be like the umpire on the football field, watching the game, judging the play according to the rules laid down, and unaffected by success or reverse of this team or that!

- Divine Discourse, Mar 13, 1964.

Surrendering the fruits of your actions to the Lord is real sacrifice. - Baba