Loving Sai Ram from Prasanthi Nilayam
29 Jan 2017
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What are the two key questions we must find answers for? Bhagawan endearingly prods us to inquire, from within.  

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'Readings by Sri K. Chakravarthi
- Part 7 - Self Reflection'

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'Love, Laughter and Happiness
at the Temple of Healing'

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There was once a dying man who was pestered by a host of relatives. Parents, wife, children, brothers, sisters - all surrounded his bed during his last moments and wailed. They asked him, "What is to happen to us?" The dying man lifted his head a little from the pillow and asked in return, "What is to happen to me? I am really very interested in that problem, than being worried about what will happen to you." Well, it is better everyone asks that question right now and equips themselves with the answer rather than wait until it is too late. "What am I for?" "What ought I to do?" These are the questions you must pursue and arrive at answers. You are all pilgrims, moving along this land of action (Karmakshetra) to the goal - the land of righteousness (Dharmakshetra). Scholars, poets and teachers are guides who help you along; but, you must tread the road, every inch of it!

- Divine Discourse, Mar 13, 1964.

Sathya Sai Baba
The realisation of God is the goal and destiny of human life. - Baba