Loving Sai Ram from Prasanthi Nilayam
21 Mar 2017
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Why should we be very careful when our intellect begins leading us on the Godward path? Bhagawan lovingly points out to us today.  

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Sathya Sai Baba

Intellect revels in discussion and disputation. Once you yield to the temptation of dialectics, it will take a very long time for you to escape from its shackles and enjoy the bliss. Hence be aware of the limitation of reason. Logic must give way to love and devotion. Intellect can help you for a little distance along the Godward path, the rest is inspired and illuminated by intuition. And often, egoism tends to encourage and justify the wildness, for a person is led along the wrong path by their very reason, if that is the path they like! You very often come to the conclusion you want to reach! Reason can be tamed only by discipline, by systematic application of the yoke of compassion, calmness, forbearance and endurance (Dhaya, Shantham, Kshama, Sahana). Train it to quietly walk along small stretches of road and after you are confident of its docility, you can take it along the tortuous road of six-fold temptations – lust, anger, greed, delusion, pride and jealousy.

- Divine Discourse, Apr 12, 1959.

Realise that all sweetness is within you. Turn your intelligence inwards and discover that
sweetness by filling your intellect with selfless love. - Baba