Loving Sai Ram from Prasanthi Nilayam
30 Aug 2017
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Can the transcendental Truth be completely understood by the mind? Given that we hear or read about it through books and discourses, how should we make use of it? Bhagawan explains today.  

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'Radiosai Answering Booth - 036 - How is the evil that we see in others is a reflection of our mind'

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'Not Just an
Apple from God'

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Sathya Sai Baba

Your worldly intelligence cannot fathom the ways of God. God cannot be recognised by mere cleverness, which is what your intelligence is! You may benefit from God, but you cannot explain Him. You may benefit from electricity and use it in thousand ways, but you cannot explore and explain its mystery. At best, your explanations are merely guesses, attempts to clothe your ignorance in pompous expressions. The real mistake is, you give the brain more value than it deserves. The Supreme Truth (Para-tattva) is beyond your brain. Standing on a rock, can you lift it? Standing in ignorance (maya), you cannot discard it! Bring something into your daily practice as evidence of your having known the secret of the higher life from Me. Show that you have greater brotherliness, speak less, speak with more sweetness and self-control and demonstrate that you can bear defeat and victory with calm resignation.

- Divine Discourse, Oct 9, 1964.

The spiritual path is the path of detachment, of sense control, of rigorous mind training. - Baba