Loving Sai Ram from Prasanthi Nilayam
30 Oct 2017
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How should we journey along our daily life – working or during vacations? Let us listen from Bhagawan, ruminate and practice from today.  

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'Reflection and Reverie with
Mr. V. Srinivasan - Episode 04'

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'Get Inspired: The Overlooked
Truth About Ourselves'

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Sathya Sai Baba

Worry and grief of one sort or another will always be there, in the past, present, and future, while walking, dreaming, and sleeping. But place faith in the Lord and do your tasks as dedication to Him and they will definitely vanish! Remember the Lord with thankfulness at least thrice or even twice a day; that will give you great peace. Do not give up your worldly duties, but do them with the name of God on your lips. Do not involve yourselves in the affairs of others to the extent that you get so entangled that you cannot extricate yourselves. Spend your time in the contemplation of the beauties of nature, which are spread out before you in earth and sky - lovely green expanses, soothing and joyful cool breezes, the panorama of coloured clouds and the music of the birds. Sing the glories of God as you walk along. Do not talk hatefully, do not get angry, do not disturb the sky with your shouts and curses, and do not pollute the air with vengeful boasts.

– Divine Discourse, Sep 2, 1958.

Talk little, talk sweetly, talk only when there is pressing need, talk only to those whom you
must and do not shout or raise your voice in anger or excitement. - Baba