Loving Sai Ram from Prasanthi Nilayam
25 Feb 2018
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Why should we gladly accept the ups and downs in our daily living? Bhagawan lovingly underscores the attitude all of us must possess.  

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'Mother Eswaramba - conversation
with Sri K. Chakravarthi - Part 1
- 7 May 2015'

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'Video: Miracles & Beyond -
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Look on with an equal mind at good fortune and misfortune, happiness and sorrow, loss and gain. These are products of nature like heat and cold, summer and winter. They have their purposes to serve. Similarly the ups and downs of life have lessons to teach us. In fact, without reverses in life, we will not be able to experience Divinity. Without darkness, we cannot value light. Without experiencing difficulties, we will not be able to enjoy benefits. It is the lack of peace of mind which compels us to seek the means to realise enduring peace. The scriptures (Upanishads) have declared that through renunciation alone can immortality be attained. You must learn to practice true renunciation in your daily living so that you may discover the secret of enduring peace and bliss.

- Divine Discourse, Apr 06, 1983.

Sathya Sai Baba
Practice sadhana relentlessly to discipline your mind and to develop
your moral and mental strength. - Baba