Loving Sai Ram from Prasanthi Nilayam
27 Feb 2018
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How to ensure that the education that the youth receive is complete? Bhagawan lovingly gives us a precious pearl of wisdom today.  

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'Shravanam Mananam Nidhidhyasanam
- 1991 Summer Course Discourses
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You are not educated if all that you have achieved is the study of a ton of books. The body and the mind have to be illumined by the light of love that emanates from the awareness of the Soul and its essential Divinity. Since education today deals only with the body and mind, and is unrelated to the Soul, the youth of the land are wafted hither and thither by every passing gust like rootless vegetation. Awareness of the Atman will grant unshakeable power and courage. The Vedas teach the means of securing this awareness and drawing on it to meet the challenges of life. That alone can crown education with success. That alone can strengthen youth to encounter the problems of unrest and anxiety. The colleges have to teach not only certain subjects, but the subject-object relationship too. The process by which one can transcend this duality and cognise the Unity has also to be communicated to render education complete.

- Divine Discourse, Jan 31, 1974.

Sathya Sai Baba
Be clear and content. Be moderate and wise. Be vigilant and steady.
Be earnest and sweet. - Baba