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28 Feb 2018
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Do we really suffer from lack of time to do the right things? Bhagawan describes our daily living and prods us to evaluate our priorities.  

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Sage Vyasa wrote eighteen Puranas (scriptures based on mythological stories), but is there anyone who has the time to go through all of them? People claim they do not have time - time to read scriptures or to observe vratas (worshipful vows) or service as they have work related to office, business or education and so on. Many of these excuses are not true. A person returns from the office and relaxes in the chair saying that he is tired. Is he relaxing sitting on the chair? No, he watches television! Is he not tired to see TV or play or chat with friends? Truly speaking if one wants to think of God, there is plenty of time. All of you have sufficient time but misuse and waste it. True human value is to effectively use time. All of you are embodiments of the Divine. Do not harm, cheat or hurt others or your own self. There is no form of devotion higher than developing these sacred qualities.

- Divine Discourse, Apr 08, 1997.

Sathya Sai Baba
Control your desires. Do not waste money, time, food and energy. - Baba