Loving Sai Ram from Prasanthi Nilayam
11 Jul 2018
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When spirituality is all about making the mind still, why should we control the body too? Bhagawan lovingly gives a tip useful for students and spiritual aspirants alike.  

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In a vessel filled with some water, when the vessel moves, water also moves. If the vessel is steady, the water will also be steady and you can see your own image! But if the water shakes, your image too shakes. Similarly to meditate, you must keep your body still. Your body is like the vessel, and your mind is the water inside. If your body moves, your mind inside will be agitated. Therefore control your mind and make it steady by keeping your back straight and body steady. The Kundalini power travels from Mooladhara, at the base of the spinal column, to the Sahasrara, thousand-petalled energy centre, in the crown of the head. Therefore, head, neck and body must be straight, with no bends. This is extremely important for students and seekers. I often ask students, "Why do you study? To become steady!" From young age, keep your body under control, you can achieve very useful things in life!

- Divine Discourse, Sep 12, 1984.

Sathya Sai Baba
The person filled with love has peace of mind, is pure at heart and will be steady,
unruffled by any adverse circumstances, failures or losses. - Baba