Loving Sai Ram from Prasanthi Nilayam
03 Aug 2018
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In mythology we tend to speak of God as having families and going through travails like any of us. Is that a right way to relate to God? Bhagawan explains and urges us to look deeper!  

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To ascribe the material relationships of the human family to Godhead is sheer nonsense. The Lord who is beyond time and space, and prior to the Beginning and subsequent to the End, can never be described in terms of the mushroom memories of humanity, the temporary phenomena of human family and human society. Such descriptions cannot make any sense to those who have experienced the glory that is God. Do not make God modern to suit your fancy. He is neither ancient nor modern; His countenance never changes, nor His glory. Present Him, if you must, in a modern manner, in a modern style, so that He might be understood today. If a child is reluctant to swallow a pill, insert it in a plantain and offer him the fruit; he will swallow both fruit and pill. But do not change the pill itself to suit the whims and fancies of the child’s taste, because then the illness cannot be cured!

- Divine Discourse, Oct 26, 1961.

Sathya Sai Baba
Love All, Serve All. Help Ever, Hurt Never. - Baba