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04 Dec 2018
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Who is an ideal Sevadal? Bhagawan lovingly reminds us day.  

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'Kodaikanal lessons - episode
aired live on 19 May 2016'

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'Tryst with Divinity - Conversation
with Ms Jyotsna Reddy - Part 12'

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Hanuman did not become conceited when Rama selected him for the crucial southward search and when He gave him the ring to be given to Sita, nor was he affected by fear at the tremendous responsibility. He accepted it; he was neither happy nor unhappy. He felt that Rama knows all and so, his duty was only to obey. I have called you and am naming you as ‘Volunteers’ (Sevadal) to give you an opportunity to practise this spiritual exercise of Madhava seva through Manava seva (service to God through service to man). Do not therefore take this as authority conferred on you, or as a burden put on your shoulders. When you call yourself a Sevak (or Sevadal) offering service to another, have also reverence in your mind that the person whom you serve is the Lord Himself in that form. This attitude is very helpful for the aspirant. Service of man is service of God. But when? Only when you feel in the depth of your heart that the person whom you serve is a wave of the same sea from which you derive your individuality, your taste, your name and form!

- Divine Discourse, Nov 22, 1967.

Sathya Sai Baba
Be like the tongue in the midst of the teeth, carefully, confidently, and courageously
going about its task, without getting bitten. - Baba