Loving Sai Ram from Prasanthi Nilayam
7 Jan 2019
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How must a Balvikas Guru approach their duty and how does it benefit them? Let us hear from Bhagawan in His own nectarine words today.  

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Sathya Sai Baba

Balvikas Gurus should keep their emotions under control and not exhibit depression, dejection or wavering will. Your quality of work is more important than quantity, so don’t undertake to do more than what you can render satisfactorily. Let your own conscience be the judge and decide whether you discharge your duty sufficiently to the children and society. You may face various problems while conducting the classes - solve them with discrimination and deep love. Meet these problems with a desire to serve the children better and you will be able to overcome them easily. Gradually you will realise that Balvikas is devised not merely for education of children but also for gurus. Balvikas duties will elevate and sublimate the guru’s thoughts and emotions far better than any other spiritual discipline. Remember that as gurus, you too have a guru guiding you and overseeing your Seva. Gurus are pupils too, learning lessons of equality, equanimity and selfless love with your Omniscient Guru.

- Divine Discourse, Jun 6, 1978 (SSS Vol 14, Ch 3).

Life is a challenge, meet it; Life is a dream, realise it; Life is a game, play it;
Life is love enjoy it. - Baba