Loving Sai Ram from Prasanthi Nilayam
23 Feb 2019
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What is the first step or sign of spiritual progress? Bhagawan explains and also reveals to us how to develop that quality.  

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'Vahini Satsang - 76 - Prema Vahini
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Detachment (vairagyam) is the first sign of a spiritual life. Without it you are an illiterate in spirituality. It’s the ‘ABC’ of spiritual effort. Detachment must become strong enough for you to discard the bondage of the senses. A few minutes of thought will help you see the hollowness of earthly riches, fame, and happiness. When you are adding more and more sums of money to your bank account, consider whether or not you are accumulating troubles for yourselves and your children, making it harder for your children to lead clean, comfortable, and honourable lives. When you struggle to achieve paltry fame by devious means, remember who among crores of your countrymen are honoured today and for what. Don’t you see that only those are honoured everywhere who gave up, renounced, and sought the more difficult road of God-realisation instead of the easier path of world-realisation?

- Divine Discourse, Sep 8, 1963.

Sathya Sai Baba
If you take one step toward Him, He takes a hundred steps towards you! - Baba