Loving Sai Ram from Prasanthi Nilayam
20 Sep 2019
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Why should we consciously and carefully cleanse our thoughts and words? Bhagawan lovingly explains.  

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'Vedanta Parichaya - Introduction
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Sathya Sai Baba

Remember and beware! Words can inflict damage in many ways. Whenever we talk disparagingly, defamingly, sarcastically or hatefully of others, they get recorded on the tape of our own mind. When we record something in a recorder, it lasts even after their passing away. So too, the impressions and impacts of evil thoughts, spiteful words and wicked plots survive one’s physical disappearance. Therefore never use or listen to words that ridicule, scandalise, or hurt others. Slander is a direct sin. Hence, our ancient and wise seers have prescribed silence as a sadhana. Youth, students and elders alike can benefit greatly by limiting talk to the absolute minimum, and using it only for promoting joy and harmony. Involve yourself in useful work. When left idle, your mind roams into insane regions of thought. Good thoughts, clean habits, virtues and good deeds - these provide charm and delight to life. They impart good taste to fine living.

- Divine Discourse, Aug 31, 1981.

The tongue must justify its presence by sweet and soothing words;
the hand by helpful and harmless actions. - Baba