December 1, 2010 – Music Programme by Swami’s Students

God’s ways are mysterious; He is an enigma wrapped in mystery! The way the scientists speak of Quantum Mechanics is the way the sages speak of God - the more you think that you have understood God, the less you have actually understood of Him! Staying in Prashanti Nilayam and experiencing the mystery of the Divine is indeed the gift of lifetimes. And here we shall attempt to gain some insight (or inSAIght as the devotees say) on a wonderful play of the Lord that has been on. (Now this is only a view point. God and god’s ways are multifaceted and so this is not the ONLY view point!) And for this, we would need a little flashback.

It was a day before the birthday when Swami called two of the students of the bhajan group and told them to perform immediately on the stage. Read all about that  Convocation day.

Once that programme was complete, two students moved up to Swami to seek blessings for the music programme on the Birthday. At that time, Swami told the student, "Get prepared not only with those songs, but more songs. Be ready for 2-3 programmes!" The Birthday was celebrated in a wonderful manner and the students indeed put up their programme entitled, “Prema Pravaham”. Swami had got stitched specially for all these boys, clothes for the occasion!

Now fast forward to November 29th. On that day, Swami asked whether there was any programme. He said that there was indeed a programme. Then on November 30th, Swami said that the Poornahuthi was not yet complete and when would it be done? In common parlance, the final day of the Dussahera Yajnam is considered as the “Poornahuthi Day”. The student thus told Swami that the Poornahuthi had been completed the previous month itself.

Swami nodded and His face seemed to say, “That is not what I am talking about.” Everyone seemed confused and Swami simply smiled. It was in the night that the students received the message from Swami, “Be ready for a music programme tomorrow.” And yes, by the way, when we break up the word Poornahuthi to its Sanskrit terms, it means, “the completion/fulfillment of the offering.” Swami had said, “2-3 programmes” and the second programme had been asked for after the first one on the Birthday!

Thus it was that on the first day of December, the students were ready with the second programme of their “offering” to their beloved Swami. It was at 7 p.m. that Swami arrived for darshan and took a complete round. As He was passing by the bhajan group, He had a look at the card for the music programme. All the students were wearing the special clothes that Swami had gifted them before the Birthday. Arriving on the stage, Swami called two students and told them to come on the stage. He told them to start immediately. The student requested Swami whether all the members participating could be called on stage. Swami seemed to say, “Do whatever, but make it quick.” All the musicians and singers began to move up the stage.

Seeing this Swami seemed surprised. He said, “All are coming up?! Why should any student sit down....(looking at the students seated in the block in front)..... All of you also come up! Dunnapotha!” And He burst into an amused laugh. Soon, the stage was filled with the students and the programme began. The first song was the famous Sri Thyagaraja composition, "Endaro Mahanubhavulu" which means "many are the great people and I salute all of them". Then came a Telugu song with a beautiful alaap. Swami sat in the eastern corner of the stage, leafing through a few letters. He seemed to say that so many people crowding in such a small place was not good. The third song was a qawwali.

The qawwali traced in brief the glorious History of the Sathya Sai Avatar. Then there was another Telugu song. Swami then called one of the singers and said, “Instead of groups, individual songs would be better.” In a comedy of errors, the student understood it as Swami wanting a group song! Needless to say, the next was a group song, “Enta mahima” and Swami just seemed to smile to Himself and He kept quiet. (We cannot help but exclaim, “Indeed so beautiful is this Love between Swami and His students!”)

After that the Telugu kirtana, “Brochevarevaru” was sung as a duet. Swami finished reading through all the letters. He heard that song and seemed a bit disappointed. Something apparently was not according to the “Masterplan” but as all of us know that, with the Lord, that in itself was the Masterplan. How can anything ever happen without His will? Every act and every event with Him is pregnant with meaning and significance. It may not be clear immediately but in course of time, it definitely gets delivered! Swami nodded His head after the song and then asked for the aarthi. It was 8:30 p.m. when He received aarthi and retired for the day.

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