October 3, 2009 – Drama on Saint Tulsidas by Bal Vikas Children of Kerala

The youth from Kerala who were on a pilgrimage to Prasanthi Nilayam in large numbers presented a drama on the evening of October 3, 2009. Bhagavan came for darshan just before five. He seemed to study all the children in costumes who were so lively and beautiful as He passed by them in the centre of the marbled blocks. He called one of the members of the troupe and asked him about the drama going to be staged.

He went to the interview room after His round of the Hall. Soon, He came out and as He sat on the stage, the most grandly costumed members arrived with roses and cards. The main card had a beautiful pencil sketch of the traditional Rama, Lakshmana, Sita with Hanuman pose. Swami then blessed the drama to begin. The actors left depositing a few rose petals and their rich feelings at His lotus feet.

The story of Tulsidas is a beautiful example of how a husband-wife relationship should ideally be. Tulsidas is infatuated with his wife Mamathadevi (some say she is Ratnavali) and even goes to the extent of crossing a flooded river holding onto a corpse as he could not stand even a moment of separation from her. The great wife tells him, "If you had an iota of intensity you display to me towards the Lord, you would never suffer in life." Being the ideal husband, Tulsidas takes his wife's words to heart and becomes a great renunciant and sage.

His madness and love for God translates into the immortal Ramcharitmanas. But he too underwent great pining for the Lord before attaining Him. The drama also seemed to indicate that the most important quality is to pine for the Lord. That pining grants everything - devotion, wisdom and the ultimate enlightenment too. Another great devotee of the Lord, Hanuman, becomes instrumental in drawing the Lord's grace upon Tulsidas.

As the drama concluded in 45 minutes, all the children came forward en masse. They gathered in front of Swami. Bhagavan asked for safari cloth pieces to be brought and distributed to all the participants. As this went on, Swami sweetly enquired, "Sita, wife and others are all boys, right?" He Himself smiled at His enquiry. Then He called the boy who had played the role of Tulsidas and materialised a gold chain for him. He called out for his 'wife' also and took a 'family' picture with the couple. Swami then called the other couples too to move up the stage. Thus it was that He took pictures with Rama and Sita and Vishnu and Lakshmi. He also specially asked for Tulsidas' mother also to come up the stage.

As this was going on, the children seated down looked on happily waiting for their opportunity to take a picture with Him. Swami sensed that and said, "I will come down." The thrilled children quickly got into position and Swami moved amidst them. A moment of proximity with Swami transforms a person in many ways at many levels. Swami seemed to look deep into the children's eyes and they too drank deep His love.

Swami looked at them and said, "I love you". That broke the floodgates and the children were moved into uncontrollable sobs. Though Swami's love for all is a universally known fact, its expression as words from the divine lips is something that is too beautiful and divine to explain.All the children seemed to grab at His tender hands and Swami also seemed so moved.

Swami then moved up the stage. As prasadam was blessed for distribution, Swami asked them whether they would chant Vedas. They nodded and began to chant loudly and in unison. It was a beautiful scene to be seen and heard. As they finished the chanting, Swami said, "I am very happy. The drama was very good.

People from Kerala always perform very well. Dramas from Kerala are good always." This thrilled the children beyond measure and they clapped in joy - that joy reflected on His face and being. Swami received aarthi and blessing everyone, retired for the day.

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