December 5, 2010 – Music Concert by the
“Prema Pavaham” Team

In the story of December 1 we mentioned how Swami asked the boys to be ready for “2-3 concerts”. The second concert after the Prema Pravaham on the Birthday was performed on December 1 and Swami seemed not so satisfied that day. The beauty and thrill in living with the Lord on a daily basis is that one is privileged to witness the unfolding of many wonderful occurrences! Swami had been speaking about the “Poornahuthi” or “the final offering” and that day seemed to be the chosen day. We cannot help but take a little detour into nostalgia at this point. This will only helps us better appreciate and celebrate to some extent, the glorious uncertainties of the Lord.

The term Poornahuthi is commonly associated with the grand annual Vedapurusha Saptaha Jnana Yajnam that is held during the Dusshera festival. On that day, Swami, the Vedapurusha, arrives in front of the sacrificial fire. He receives the offerings made and then bestows gifts galore! For one, He materializes diamonds and the like and puts them into the holy fire. He then blesses the priests with gifts. He moves among the devotees gathered and sprinkles holy water as a mark of a shower of His Love and Grace. The offerings made to Him pale in comparison to the Grace showered by Him! And that was exactly the story that day too!

It was 6 p.m. when Swami arrived for darshan into the Sai Kulwant Hall. The decorations that were up in the hall for a long time had been completely removed. The vast emptiness that was created thus seemed so soothing and expansive. It really made one feel the importance of ‘change’ in life! Swami’s schedule however continued changeless as He moved through the entire hall blessing the devotees, taking letters, gifting vibhuti packets to some and raising His hands in benediction to many. That day there was a change however - Swami called and spoke to two Sevadal members who were voluntarily on duty on the hall. Their faces spoke about the joy they experienced at the interaction.  The students had been informed a couple of days ago that Swami wanted them to sing again. They were ready and seated in the special dresses that Swami had given them before.

As Swami saw them, He asked, “Why the special dresses?” They answered, “Swami, we have a programme ready. If Swami permits we would like to put it up.”

“How long is it?”

“Swami it is 45 minutes long.”

“That long! There are so many people here. One or two kirtanas are enough........No. Even just bhajans are enough.”

Swami thus moved to the stage and the students had no idea as to how the evening would pan out to be. Completing a round in the Mandir portico, Swami arrived on the stage. The bhajans were on when He looked at the student by his side and asked, “What is the programme today?”

Thus it was that the students began to move up the stage. Swami said firmly that He wanted only two to sing at a time and not as a group. As the singers and a few instrumentalists moved up the stage, the rest of the huge troupe sat down. The programme began with a classical piece on Lord Ganesh, Gajavadana Karuna Sadana. That was followed by the mellifluous Telugu piece, “Janula Madhya Tirugade Jagapathi “. This song glorified the “Lord of the Universe” who moved among the common people. Swami looked at the singers who sang that song and told them to sing one more. They did that and Swami asked for the next duo to sing. They sang a Telugu song and even as they completed that, Swami asked them to sing one more.

Extemporaneously, one of the singers started the alaap, “Devaaa....”. The two then continued to mesmerise everyone with the beautiful and touching song which again ended on an alaap. The finale to that song was so beautiful that Swami immediately called him and materialized a gold chain with a pendant. Swami lovingly placed it around his neck.

As he moved back to his place with a feeling of great blessedness, Swami told the other singers to sing another song. Then He called them and presented a lovely silver commemorative plate that had inscribed on it, “Prema Pravaham.”It looked like Swami had got these made for the Birthday programme but with God, it’s always about the correct time. Swami posed with them for a photograph and then called all the other participants too and gifted them the momento. One by one, the students moved to Swami received the divine gift and His blessings and moved back. All those who had whole heartedly participated in this beautiful offering were rewarded more than amply by Swami. It indeed appeared like the Poornahuthi!

After gifting everyone, Swami asked one of the singers to sing a song. The famous, “Dayaku Premaku” was thus sung. Swami seemed very emotional and moved as this song was on. He looked at the singers and told them, “Next song, all of you sing together.” The next was “Madhura Mohana” and this time all the students joined in the singing. It was so beautiful and the whole hall seemed to reverberate with that sublime feeling. Swami too seemed keen for another song as He looked at the students and signaled, “One more song.” “Manishini Madhavuni” was now sung and Swami was so happy and moved. At the end of it, He asked for aarthi. He blessed prasadam to be distributed. Looking at everyone, Swami blessed all and then retired for the day.

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