December 10, 2009 – “Spiritual Bank” Drama by Singapore Sai Devotees

After a beautiful programme by the students of the Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Vihar, Vishakapatnam on December 9, it was the turn of an overseas group to bask in His love the next day! Swami had permitted the devotees from Singapore to put up their presentation in the Divine presence. Swami arrived at 4:05 p.m. for darshan. The Singapore group, however, were ready and the backdrop was in place. A part of the sets was a transparent board that proclaimed, "Spiritual Bank". It was a beautiful sight to see Swami as He arrived for darshan through this for isn't He the true Spiritual Bank?

Everyone 'banks' on Him for any need, spiritual or otherwise!

Moving across the ladies' side, Swami glanced up at the backdrop and seemed to study it for a while when the coordinator for the programme rose up on her knees and told Swami what the presentation was about. As Swami moved ahead, He enquired from the youth also as to where they were from. They rejoiced at this opportunity of conversation with the Divine as they told Him that they were from Singapore!

By 4:30 p.m., Swami was on stage and He asked the coordinator about the programme. The officials of the Singapore Sai Organization went to Swami with roses and other presentations. On Swami's command, one of them announced the programme, "Bank Balance", for the evening. Then the children moved up towards Swami. Seeing them dressed in crowns and kingly paraphernalia, Swami seemed surprised and He asked, "The programme is about Bank then how come Rama and Lakshmana are there in it?"

The boys who had come did not catch the point and they bowed to Him. They then offered the card which He read through, line by line. Blessing them, He told them to return. Beautiful interactions with the other children followed and then the girl children too moved up the stage to make their offerings. After that, the programme began.

Singapore is a multi-cultural, multi-racial and multi-faith society, with the main races being Chinese, Malay and Indian. The performance highlighted these aspects of this nation through songs and dances interspersed in the play. The drama was based entirely on Swami's discourse about the Divine Spiritual Bank.

The financial world may come tumbling down with various recessions and bubble pops, but one can always 'bank' upon the Spiritual bank! The deposits here are made in the five human values and the returns are automatically credited whenever there is a need. Based on one's 'history' of good actions, the bank also issues an 'over-draft' in times of dire need and there is no limitation to this saving grace! One needs no greater insurance than this.

The whole concept was illustrated with the lives of King Harishchandra and Ahalya. Interspersed were songs by the choir and they sang as a well knit unit. They did a commendable job by singing a song in Tamil, Hindi and Telugu to the delight of the devotees assembled in the Hall.

The whole programme was about 45 minutes long. Whenever the 'ideals' spoke about the Spiritual Bank to their ignorant friends, Swami seemed impressed. At the end of the programme, the whole group came together in a formation.

Swami moved down the stage and granted them group pictures. Then He asked one of the little boys as to what role he did in the drama. "Dead boy" was the reply and Swami said, "Paapam!" and materialized a chain for him. But the kid seemed scared to go to Swami! He refused, just like a baby is 'scared' of somebody new!

Swami lovingly called him and put the chain around his neck.  After that, He gave white cloth pieces and sarees to be distributed to all of them. What more! He sat there, below the stage, facing all of them as the distribution went on. They were thrilled. Ensuring that all had got prasadam too, Swami moved up the stage. Bhajans began by the Singaporeans and Swami moved into the interview room.

When He came out, He gave the photo of the little kid receiving the chain to him. Then, He called one of the students and asked him to ensure that all the children had received clothes. Having confirmed that, Swami received aarthi at 6:10 p.m. and retired.

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