November 17, 2009 – Swami Blesses the University Captains

It was to be a special day for the captains and vice-captains of the various houses of the Sri Sathya Sai University. The Sports season filled with the excitement of positive competition out of Love for God was to begin and so all the campuses had chosen their respective leaders.

The day was reminiscent of the golden olden days when Swami would grant interviews to the captains and leaders to guide them as to how they must perform their duties. After a gap of quite some years, Swami had asked for all these captains and vice-captains to assemble in the building next to His residence by 4:15 p.m. Naturally, there was a lot of excited expectation and anticipative joy in the air as 24 girls from the Anantapur campus and 24 boys from the Brindavan and Prashanti Nilayam campus assembled.

It was shortly after 5 p.m. that Swami arrived from His residence. He headed straight to His left towards the building where His children awaited Him. As soon as He entered the building, the students moved forward with roses. Swami began to interact and speak with almost each of them. He asked them their names and their designations. He had a word of love and cheer for each of the boys. Then when He asked where the girl students were, Swami was taken inside. Once again, the same interaction followed.

The girls were all overjoyed for this was the rarest of opportunities with Swami. Swami blessed all that they showed - rackets, balls and the like. He spoke to many of them and asked their place of origin. It is indeed a matter of subtle yet profound significance that the first two questions Swami invariably asks anyone is, "What is your name?" and "Where do you come from?" Though we quip quickly the answers, they are questions that need a lot of thought! They are questions, if answered properly, would ensure that we will never have another question to ask about life!

After the loving interaction, Swami granted the girls' prayer for a group photograph with Him. After them, it was the turn of the boys and they too enjoyed the privilege of group photos with Him. Having spent about 15-20 minutes with the captains, Swami slowly moved out. On the way He again blessed all of them and granted namaskars. Soon, Swami went around the Sai Kulwant Hall for darshan rounds as the bhajans went on.

Everyday during the aarthi, the conch is blown by the students. A new conch had arrived and the students sought Swami's blessings. Swami blessed the conch with His touch. He spoke to Dr. Samuel Sandwiess, the Chief Guest for the year's convocation ceremony. He sat listening to the bhajans for the next fifteen minutes. 

Then He called one of the students and told him to be ready with a Burrakatha the next day. Receiving aarthi and blessing everyone after the universal peace prayer, Swami moved back to His residence at 6:15 p.m.

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