June 19, 2008 – “Prema Vahini” by Andhra Pradesh Sai Youth

The scheduled programme for June 19 was a drama entitled Prema Vahini (the incessant flow of Love) by the Sai youth from Andhra Pradesh as part of their Parthi Yatra (Pilgrimage to Puttaparthi). The name was evident as it was displayed prominently in front of the huge backdrop that had been erected for the play. More than 1,500 youth from the State of Andhra Pradesh, both men and women, all of them being graduates had come to Prasanthi Nilayam on a three-day pilgrimage starting from June 18, 2009, under the auspices of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations, Andhra Pradesh. Swami arrived shortly after 5 p.m.

Saluting the Master
Blessings before the programme

He spoke to a few on the ladies’ side as He moved during darshan. At the centre, flag bearing children stood in smart salute as Swami passed by them. The governor of Rajasthan (a North Indian State), Mr. Shilendra Kumar Singh, had arrived to seek blessings from Swami. As soon as He saw the Lord come to the portico, He rose from his chair and his first impulse seemed to be to rush to Swami. Bhagavan immediately bestowed a sweet smile and told him to be seated. The governor could not resist (who can resist the charm of Swami?) and he moved ahead. Swami came up to him and blessing him, spoke a few words.

The governor of Rajasthan, Mr. Shilendra Kumar Singh seeking Swami's blessings

After this, Swami came on stage and soon the Veda chanting concluded. The various youth and children came onto the stage and made offerings of flowers, cards, albums, etc. to Swami at the end of which Swami lit a lamp to begin the programme. The presentation began with a declaration by the youth that “Prema Vahini” was not a figment of imagination; rather it was based on real life incidents and the cast were real Grama Seva (village service) heroes who went into the depths of the problems of the villagers serving them with responsibility, knowing well the responsibility and the accountability of the badge of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations. The storyline was about how one youth inspires his friends to plunge into service of the villages. His friends pose questions about his living while he answers them questioning them about their life!

Children and the Youth, are the backbone
of the Nation
Celebrating the joy
with the Lord

Swami was deeply engrossed watching the drama. There was a point when one of the friends asks, "What can happen by just one of us sacrificing everything?" The reply, "If Sathya Sai had also thought that way, today we would not see the massive educare, medicare, aquacare and socio care projects", drew a tremendous response from the audience. There were also powerful verses on the futility of a life spent chasing only wealth. Swami seemed moved with the verses and seeing Swami, the impact of the verses was seen even on those people who did not understand the Telugu language. There is only one language - the language of Love, and Swami communicates only through that.

Whatever may be the language and form of presentation in the hall - whether people are able to see it or not - seeing Swami, devotees easily grasp the spirit of the message being conveyed for the message bounces off Swami as the language of Love. It was inspiring to note how the youth had toiled hard for the Love of Swami and succeeded in providing safe drinking water, houses, and in some cases, schools too for villages in the Krishna district. The drama also depicted episodes from Swami's life which embedded the ideal of service into every heart present.

The drama was profound and their dances
vibrant and beautiful
Depicting the Love between Swami and
his Mother

Songs with profound meaning and lively rhythm accompanied with synchronized dancing added variety and flavour to the play. The final song especially had glitterati being splashed everywhere with pops and bangs going off at regular intervals. The white marble floor was filled with myriad colours. As the programme concluded, the participants came together in the final song with a clustered formation. Swami smiled and blessed them, and then called all the kids in costumes to come up the stage.

The children gladly obeyed and one or two of them seemed to break down at the magnitude of the opportunity being gifted to them. Swami granted photos to those small kids and spoke to His "parents" and the little "Sathya" of the drama. Then sending them down, He said that He too would move down for taking a picture with them. He kept speaking to children on either side as He seemed to wade into the huge group. Then He smiled as flashes galore fired away! Roses aplenty were offered to Him as He moved back to the stage.

Prema Vahini (the incessant flow of Love)
''With SAI we are Heroes''

Meanwhile, bhajan singing began and Swami sat on the stage. Prasadam was blessed for distribution. Then, Swami did something sweet (like He always does!). In the mass gathering for the group photos, many of the adults and elders had displaced the children in the front lines. Swami asked for the children to be brought and seated front again as they would not be able to see over the tall people. That was done and a satisfied smile immediately adorned His face.

Coveted opportunity for
all the participants
The main characters of the drama
eagerly pose with Swami

Now, Swami called the little girl who had played the role of Sathya. A long and loving interaction ensued and it was such a sweet sight to see Swami and the "little Swami" talking to each other. It was like a meeting of the past with the present, and the future of the interaction held great promise!

Swami then waved His hand and materialized a beautiful golden bracelet for the girl and put it on her wrist. The girl reciprocated with an excited smile and Swami was so pleased. Clothes were distributed - safari cloth pieces for the boys and sarees for the three girls in the drama.

Swami materializes a beautiful golden bracelet
for the little Sathya

Swami then gifted all the members of the cast with watches too again taking special care to ensure that the three girls got ladies' watches!

On Swami's bidding, aarthi was performed and the co-ordinators came forward to present details of the next day’s programme. Swami handed their sheet back to them and then gifted them too with watches. He seemed to say, "I will see and tell when the time comes!" Then He raised both His hands in blessing and a gasp of utter delight went around the hall as thousands of hands went up to receive the spontaneous gift. After this, Swami spoke a few words with the governor and retired for the day.

A spontaneous and gracious gift to all!

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