December 22, 2009 – Bhagavan Blesses the University Management System

It was another special day for the Sri Sathya Sai University. The planning, designing and course of the University Management System (UMS) which is another name for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) at the University level had been completed and the members of the team who had worked on it for over a year wanted Swami to bless it into action.

Bhagavan had graciously consented and so it was that the team sat in readiness in the Bhajan Hall. A projector with a screen and a laptop were the inanimate objects inside but they too seemed to pulsate with excitement. The Registrar, Controller of Examinations and the Vice Chancellor too were among those waiting for Swami.

At 4:30 p.m., Swami arrived. Moving through the ladies' side and the gents' side via the students, He approached the interview room. Seeing the gathering in the Bhajan Hall, He moved in and then the excitement in the hall ran high.

Swami was immediately eager and asked as to what was everything about! We often speak of the divine maya or the veil of illusion, but one has to experience it to realize the reality effect it produces! Eager explanations of the usefulness and intelligence of the system was told to Him and a professional power-point presentation too was made. Swami listened to everything that was said with great interest. Taking the lead was Prof. Anantharaman as he explained everything to Swami in Kannada.

In between the presentation, Swami was taken to the University website and given a guided tour of its various features. Here is a small anecdote to show how keenly Swami was listening. As various quotes of Swami came up, the professor read out one saying, "Swami, such and such quotes (about the purpose of the university) from the Convocations have been included here."Swami retorted, "I told that not during the convocation, but during the inauguration of Anantapur college!" Prof. Anantharaman nodded meekly.

The schedule for the execution of the various modules of the UMS was also presented to Swami and a prayer was made to Him to inaugurate it. The name and password had been typed and Swami hit the "Enter" key! Thus the UMS of the Sri Sathya Sai University was up and working. Swami was also given a peep into the photo galleries that were up on the website.

Swami then blessed the various vendors and people involved in the project with padanamaskar. Staff members working in the University Administrative Block offered their letters and prayers to Him. A few of them also got the privilege of speaking a few words with Him. Swami then moved out of the Bhajan Hall and the bhajans had already begun. Traveling through the upper portico, Swami arrived and sat on the stage.

As soon as He was seated, He pointed to a student and conveyed that He had noticed him in a photo during the presentation! The boy did not seem to get it then but his joy knew no bounds when he realized the special Grace after the evening's aarthi! The bhajans were on in full gusto and enthusiasm. Swami was looking as fresh as a flower that day.

During one of the bhajans, Swami told the singer, "Sing Hanumath Sevita". (Praise the Lord as He is served by Hanuman). The next bhajan was "Kausalyatmaja Rama Charan" which indeed contained that line. As the bhajans concluded, Swami called the dance boys who were holding a very huge card. They told Swami that it was their 5th Anniversary since the group had been formed. The elaborate and ornate card contained photos of the various dances they had been blessed to put up in the Divine Presence.

Swami looked through the card lovingly and blessed all the students by sprinkling akshata grains. He also blessed the new anklets and sticks for dandia dance! He asked them when they would be ready with the dance. As always they replied, "Whenever Swami says”. Swami then said, "Let us see on Thursday." As the boys returned to their places, Swami raised His right hand high conferring blessings on all. Then He returned to Yajur Mandir.

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