September 23, 2009 – Day Two of Dassahera Yagnam

It was at about 8:45 in the morning when Swami arrived from Yajur Mandir into the Sai Kulwant Hall. The hall had large empty spaces and more than 90 % of the students were away doing Grama Seva. Swami had brought vibhuti packets with Him and as He moved through the lines, He gave a packet each to the people who needed them. Moving to the gents’ side, Swami spoke to the co-ordinators of the sevadal group who had just completed the duty.

Swami blessed all of them and then proceeded. As He passed by the ex-students block, He beckoned to one of the boys and handed a vibhuti packet to him! Moving via the few students and the Veda contingent, Swami moved past the Primary school students and then arrived on stage.

He sat on the stage listening to the Vedas being chanted. After about 10 minutes, Swami told the students to start moving towards the auditorium. He too followed soon and within the next few minutes all the focus and crowds shifted to the auditorium. Swami arrived and sat in the eastern corner of the stage for sometime. He accepted the floral offerings of the priest performing the suryanamaskars. Then Swami moved across the stage to the western end where the "Brahma" among the priests sat with his wife in worship.

Swami witnessed the worship there for a while as the ladies gathered there basked in the beauty and joy of His darshan. The priest and his wife offered garlands to Swami and after that aarthi was performed. The Veda chanting reached a crescendo with the Mantrapushpam. As a conclusion, the "Brahma" priest knelt before Swami and sang the bhajan, "Easwaramba Priya Nandana" dedicating everything at His lotus feet. Moving across the stage once more, Swami saw the priest who was deeply engrossed in the suryanamaskar. Swami then moved into His residence.

The afternoon session was the day 2 of the Prashanti Vidwan Mahasabha. As per tradition, that day was the day reserved for the worship of Mother Lalita, the Universal Mother. It is believed that the dust from her feet constitutes the holy sindhur (vermillion) mark on Mother Gayathri's forehead. That is the position granted to Mother Lalitha.

Though Swami had indicated the previous day that He would be speaking, He blessed three speakers to address the assembly. As Prof. Anil Kumar came forward to introduce the speakers, Swami asked him what the bandage on his right eyebrow was about. He answered Swami and on Swami's behest narrated to the whole audience as to how he had fallen from a scooter and it was sheer Swami's grace that he escaped without any hurt to his eye!

Coming after the day when Dr. Ravikumar had narrated his "eye-opening" experiences, it immediately made a thunderous impact with the audience. The speakers were then introduced and the first speaker for the day was a student from the MBA school, Aman Jhaveri.

Mr. Aman Jhaveri, a student from the MBA
school, Sri Sathya Sai University
Mr. Robin Sharma, research scholar
from the University

Aman spoke on how Swami means everything to the students and takes care of them in His own ways. Narrating how Swami had healed him of a terrible backache in a dream and then had commanded him to join the University, Aman thanked Swami for all that had been bestowed upon him.

He narrated a few more experiences, quoting extensively from the scriptures. He concluded with the bhajan, "Sai Mata Pita". Swami was very moved with his talk and lovingly patted him on his cheeks as he went to take padanamaskar after the speech.

The second speaker was a research scholar from the University, Mr. Robin Sharma. Robin narrated how Swami has been a loving mother and guide to him ever since he applied to get into the undergraduate programme years ago. When he relived the initial agony that he underwent when his mother was in her final moments, Swami was visibly moved.

Swami's 'emotions' seemed to reflect what He had felt two years ago as Robin narrated how Swami consoled and assured him that his mother had merged into Him. Robin too concluded with a song that stated his heart's desire of staying forever with Swami. Bhagavan blessed him too with a loving pat on his cheeks.

Mr. B. N. Narasimhamoorthy, the warden of the Brindavan campus

The final speaker for the evening was Mr. B. N. Narasimhamoorthy, the warden of the Brindavan campus of the University. He began with a stanza from the Lalitha Sahasranaama and another Sanskrit stanza that had arisen spontaneously in his heart in response to a scholar's question "Who is Sathya Sai?" The knowledgeable speaker narrated experiences from his rich and fulfilling life which portrayed the Mother aspect of Swami.

Particularly moving was his experience at Muddenahalli when he had damaged his knee while playing Volleyball and Swami decided to personally stop by his room on His way to Bangalore! In between his speech, Swami went to the interview room and returned after 5-10 minutes. As the speaker continued, Swami said with a smile, "I did not get a chance to speak!" The members in the students' audience who understood what He was saying empathised with Him with smiles!

Soon the speech concluded and Swami said, "Sing one bhajan" The Ganesh bhajan was sung after which Swami said again that He did not get a chance to speak! Receiving aarthi and blessing everyone assembled, Swami retired for the day.

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