September 28, 2009 – The Final Day of the Dassahera Yagnam

The Poornahuthi (consummation) of The Veda Purusha Saptaha Jnana Yagna was scheduled on the morning of September 28. It is also celebrated as "Tikka" by the Nepalese. The day began on a beautiful note as Swami arrived in a magnificent blood red robe! A mere sight of Him drew gasps of pure joy and thrill from all the viewers. At the Residence, Swami's security guards, who are gurkhas from Nepal, offered their pranams and offerings to Swami.

Swami blessed them and sprinkled the akshatha grains too. Then He moved towards the Sai Kulwant Hall. As He emerged from behind the parked car, all the ladies saw Him in that vivid vesture! It must have been a proud day for that red robe for it appeared at its beautiful best that day! Swami took a complete darshan round and arrived on the stage. The Veda chanting was on and after a minute, Swami moved to the Bhajan Hall.

All the priests were in the Bhajan Hall and Swami wanted to distribute clothes to them. As this was on, the priests began to chant the Vedic hymns. The pitch was constantly on the rise and very soon the chants seemed to shake the whole hall with vibrations. Swami sat listening to the chants and once they completed it, He told them to proceed to the Poornachandra auditorium.

He presented them with a bundle to be offered at the sacrificial fire during the Poornahuthi. He too moved out of the Bhajan Hall. It was also the consummation of the year's Grama Seva and the students from the Anantapur campus of the University were to serve all the permanent residents of the Ashram. The girl students got the prasadam blessed and began their pradakshina around the Mandir.  Swami sat at the edge of the Mandir portico blessing all the Anantapur girls with the joy of seeing Him in the beautiful red robe as they got ready to do their bit of distribution in the Grama Seva. Meanwhile everyone else began to move to the auditorium.

Five minutes later, Swami arrived on the stage in the auditorium. He sat in all majesty in the eastern corner of the stage. After a few minutes, He was invited to the sacrificial flames. The Veda Purusha consented and as everyone watched on, Swami moved to the centre. He blessed all the priests by sprinkling the akshatha grains. Ghee was poured through the special silver duct that was held over the flames by a wooden pole. The chanting continued and the tongues of the flame rose up greedily lapping the ghee being poured. It was as if they too longed to glimpse Him in all splendour!

Swami presided over the offering of the holy bundle. It was truly a profound moment and a lesson to learn too! The One offering and the One receiving was the same! And this was the message not only of this Bhakti Yagna but also of the Karma Yagna where the 'giver' and 'receiver' of the food and clothes are one and the same and in the Bhakti Yagna where the 'speaker' and the 'listener' are also the same! It is He who does everything and remains calm as the witness. We just witness everything and behave as though we are the doers!

After the poornahuthi, Swami moved towards the corner where the "Brahma" among the priests too had completed the rituals. Swami received aarthi there. All the ladies who had gathered outside the hall were all thrilled with a mere sight of Him.

Swami blessed them and then retired to the Yajur Mandir. In the evening, Swami arrived shortly before 5 p.m. The bhajans began and Swami soon concluded the darshan rounds. He went into the Bhajan Hall and interacted with all the priests who had gathered there. He presented them with more clothes and gifts. He also gave them vibhuti packets. All of them had the opportunity to plead their personal problems and worries with Him. He patiently and lovingly listened to all of them and consoled and encouraged them. It was a 20-25 minutes interaction after which Swami arrived outside for bhajans. He soon received aarthi and retired.

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