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Shirdi Sai - Parthi Sai Title Photo
  Volume 3 - Issue 2,
FEB 2005



(continued from the previous issue)

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Devagiri Amma’s husband returns, enters the house, and sees his wife lying on the floor. She has swooned. He calls out to her .

G.B: Devamma, …..Devamma.


An old man knocks on the door

Devagiri Amma bolts the door and goes inside. After some time, she hears a knock on the door. Hesitantly she opens and peers outside.  

D.AMMA: Where are they? …….The Gods Parvathi and Parameshwara, Whom I worship everyday, appeared before me!

G.B: What are you trying to say? Were you dreaming?

D.AMMA: No, no; it is not a dream; it is true! Perhaps it is due to the merit gained in many previous births. Parvathi and Parameshwara gave me Darshan here, right here!

G.B: What?! You mean to say that the very Lord and His Consort gave you Darshan? ……….It is all your imagination!

D.AMMA: You call it imagination, a dream?! …. Please, why don’t you believe what I say?

G.B: Some things can be believed. But if Saints and Rishis who did penance for years and years could not get a vision of the Lord, how am to I believe that you, an ordinary housewife, were fortunate to have His Darshan?



D.AMMA: If you cannot believe that the Gods gave me Darshan, how then are you going to believe something else that I want to say?

G.B: Something else?

D.AMMA: Yes, something else.

G.B: What is that? Are you going to tell me that God gave you the boon of progeny?

Devagiri Amma is embarrassed by the request of the old man. How could she press the legs of a stranger when her husband was away? At the same time, how could she neglect the guest who came asking for help? Knowing not what to do, she prays to Lord Siva intensely.  

D.AMMA: Yes indeed! Goddess Parvathi Herself blessed that we would have a son and a daughter.

G.B: You are crazy! You are constantly praying that you be blessed with children, and that feeling has promoted this illusion!

D.AMMA: No, no! This is really true! You have so far heard only about the boon that Parvathi granted.

G.B: Oh I see! I suppose Lord Parameshwara also granted you a boon!

D.AMMA: As a matter of fact, yes. …………… It is an unimaginable and incredible boon, almost impossible to get!

G.B: What is that?

D.AMMA: The Blessed Lord said that He will take birth in our house as our son! Later, this son of ours would be worshipped in all the three worlds as the very Embodiment of Divinity, and be adored by the whole of humanity -- this is the boon that the Lord granted!

G.B: Devamma, is this true? I know you always speak the truth and that there is none so good and noble like you. Yet, I have a doubt about what you are now saying. Even great devotees of the Lord don’t get such a boon; how then can we ordinary persons enjoy such Grace? ………. The great devotee Ramdas struggled so hard to have the vision of Lord Rama. Are we better than Ramdas?…….. Saint Tyagaraja was ceaselessly chanting the name of Rama and contemplating about Him. But did Rama grant the Saint Darshan so easily? These people were immersed in single-pointed devotion, totally detached from the world…… Devamma, how am I to believe that you got so easily the Darshan that these people could not, in spite of so much effort?


At that time, she hears a knock on the door. She opens the door slightly and peeps out. She sees a young lady there.

D.AMMA: I cannot answer your doubts. But I know one thing: I have become your wife on account of God’s will. If you accept that by Divine Grace we will soon have children, it is enough for me. I am not asking you to believe that I had God’s Darshan. I know what I have seen, and I know it to be true. Some truths are known only to those who have seen and experienced. That is all I can say.

G.B: Well Devamma, if the words of Parvathi and Parameshwara come true and we are blessed with children, why should I complain?!



The young lady goes to the front porch and speaks to the old man.  

Years pass. The couple already have a son and a  daughter. Once again, Devagiri Amma is in the  family way. One day, Devagiri Amma’s husband is  performing his daily worship. He is chanting hymns  addressed to Lord Siva.

G.B: Om Kala Rudraya Namaha,
Om Kalayah Namaha,
Om Neelakantahya Namaha,
Om Virupakshaya ……

Once the old man and the young lady enter the house, they change their forms and appear before Devagiri Amma as Siva and Parvathi.

Suddenly he remembers what his wife had told him earlier, namely that they would blessed with the Lord Himself being born as their son. He then continues his chants -

Om Virupakshaya Namaha,
Om Sivayah Namaha,
Om Maheshwaraya Namaha,
Om Sambhuve Namaha,

He hears voices from the adjacent room, where his son and daughter are having an argument.

A brother is going to be born.
No it is going to be a sister.
No it is going to be a brother.
I say it will be a brother.
I say it will be a sister
Let us ask mother.


Shiva Parvathi Darshan

Devagiri Amma is overwhelmed by the vision of the Lord and His Consort and faints.  

The boy and the girl go to their mother and start asking her questions.

Son: Mother, are we going to have a brother or a sister?

D.AMMA: A brother will be born. That is the boon granted by the Lord Himself.

Son: Did you hear? Mother also says that a brother is going to be born.

Devagiri Amma’s husband hears all this and  suddenly he leaves the house. The lady is  surprised and upset.




D.AMMA: [to husband] Why have you suddenly stopped the worship? ……. What is all this? What has happened? Why are you looking agitated? …..…..Where are you going?

G.B: It is true that Parvathi and Parameshwara granted you Darshan. It is also true that they granted you a boon. But you alone received the Grace of that Darshan. I did not believe you then, but I realise now that I am the one who was mistaken. I now want to see what you saw. I too want to have that Divine Darshan! Only then would my life be fulfilled.


Shiva Parvathi Darshan

Devagiri Amma is overwhelmed by the vision of the Lord and His Consort and faints.  

D.AMMA: Oh no! What is all this? Please calm down! ………… Why this grim determination? Why this adamant attitude and vehemence? Just because you go in search, do you believe you can get the Darshan of the Lord? Please think calmly!

G.B: Devagiri Amma! My mind is made up. I AM going in search of God!

D.AMMA: Please,……, please, …. For heaven’s sake please listen to me. God is going to be born in our house as a child. See that child and have the Darshan of Siva.

HUSBAND: I am not interested in seeing Siva as a child. I want to see Him verily as Parameshwara, the Lord of the Universe.

D.AMMA: Please, please, …….…..please calm down!

HUSBAND: Om Namah Sivayah, Om Namah Sivayah, ……….


Shiva Parvathi Darshan

Devagiri Amma is overwhelmed by the vision of the Lord and His Consort and faints.  

The husband leaves home constantly chanting   the name of he Lord, without looking back even   once. He is determined to go to the forest,   meditate, have the Lord’s Darshan, and merge in   Him. The children are bewildered and start crying.  Devagiri Amma is confused and torn between two  minds. On the one hand she wants to follow her   husband. On the other hand she is drawn towards  her children.

She decides that she will leave her children to the care of someone else and go behind her husband, despite the advanced stage of her pregnancy. She goes to the house of a neighbour and knocks on the door.


Shiva Parvathi Darshan


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