A completely new “Heart2Heart” awaits you on
May 1st, 2009!

We plan to offer you a new and dynamic website, completely dedicated to Heart2Heart, from May 2009. Currently we are fully occupied with this project, and therefore, are not able to produce for you a new issue of H2H in April 2009. Please wish us good luck and sorry for this interim inconvenience.

However, there is one fresh offering: a Special Quiz on the theme, “Pearls from the Ramayana”.

The May 2009 issue will be the 81st issue of H2H. There are plenty of 'Hearticles' already available in our past issues, so we thought why not direct you to a few inspiring stories from our archives to fill your hearts with His Love in this month of April. Please scroll below. Happy reading, and a holy April till we are back with something beautiful for Him and you in May!

Loving Regards,
Heart2Heart Team

Resurrection and Reincarnation: Born, not to be Born Again
Resurrection is the realization of who we are. Since our essence, our true Self is the very essence of all things...
Sai Rama: The Indweller of Hearts
Sri Rama Navami is a sacred day, for it gives you a chance to remember God and your need to realise Him. Rama, truly understood...
The Divine Playground - Swami
in Kodai Kanal

Imagine! Early morning you are sitting just in front of Swami’s bedroom, Swami comes out of His room and... sweetly hums a divine tune!
Creating a Land of Love...
Those who were society's outcasts are now outstanding testimonies of the Power of Love. Read this story and you will know how we can create a 'land of love'...
Unforgettable Moments with Sai - Recollections of Mr. Chidambaram Krishnan
Somehow, unknown to me, I was impelled, while in school, to start meditating. I just don’t know why and how I started...
From Lifeless Existence to a Living Inspiration... The Riveting Story of Mr. George Melkay
“It was a golden opportunity for me.” A blooming smile suddenly sported on his bespectacled face, as Mr. George Melkay recalled the rewarding job...
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