Volume 18 - Issue 04
April 2020
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Posted on: Apr 16, 2020

Songs of Soulful Surrender

A Radio Sai 95th Birthday Offering

When nothing goes our way, the simplest remedy is to Surrender.
When somethings go our way, even then the best thing to do is Surrender.
When everything is going our way, then definitely the wisest thing to do is to Surrender.

Bhagawan says, “When praying to God, you should have a feeling of total surrender. If you are keen about realizing God, if you are hungering and thirsting for Him, then you will cultivate this all-absorbing love. Through this love, you should endeavour to experience union with the Divine.”

One of the best and beautiful ways to express our love to the lord is through music. Through our notes and melodies, we can be in Divine ecstasy. At least for a few moments we can experience that mystical unity with all-loving Divinity.

Let us use our time to create such moments of soulful melody.

So here is the Radio Sai opportunity for us to create, participate and share the bliss.

Theme: The Melody of Soulful Surrender

What to compose: Songs or Bhajans

Any language

Last Date of Submission:
May 15, 2020

What will we do with these: We will offer everything at the Sannidhi as one of our 95th Birthday Offerings, and we will share with you all a few too.

For sending your Entries
click here.

- Radio Sai Team

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