Loving Sai Ram from Prasanthi Nilayam
27 Sep, 2014
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What is Liberation? When and how can we achieve it? Bhagawan lovingly clarifies for us today.  

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Do not see, speak or hear what is evil. You must only see what is good, hear and speak what is sacred. These may seem simple maxims but are full of profound significance. Constantly discriminate between negative and positive actions. All bad and unwholesome actions are negative in character, eschew them altogether. Your mind must be filled with good thoughts, your hearts should be filled with compassion, and your hands must be engaged in selfless service. You will be caught up in negative behavior, as long as you identify yourself with the body. The moment you consider yourself as the master of the senses, your actions will be positive. Mastery of the senses leads to liberation. Liberation is not something to be achieved after life. Striving for liberation must start early in life and proceed continuously, until you are free from the bondage to the senses. Carry on all duties without attachment to the fruits thereof.

- My Dear Students, Vol 5, Ch 3, Feb 15, 1998.

Sathya Sai Baba
Fill your heart with the light of Love so that the evil qualities of hate, greed and conceit find no place therein. - Baba