Loving Sai Ram from Prasanthi Nilayam
31 Mar, 2015
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What should be our goal in life to experience a smooth journey? Bhagawan sweetly teaches us a wonderful lesson today.  

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'Program on Unity of Religions presented by the Anantapur campus on 13 Jan 2015'

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'Commendable Servitors of
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Sathya Sai Baba

The vehicle of human life is drawn by the senses, driven by the intellect, with discrimination and detachment as the reins on the two wheels of Time and Action. The spokes of the wheel are the rules of righteousness, bound by the rim of Love. Your journey will be smooth, if your axle is Truth and your goal is Peace. Be careful to not exaggerate the importance of things that have material utility. They fade, even while you grasp them. Search for truth (Sath) - that which suffers no change, and Awareness (Chith) - the state of consciousness which is pure, unaffected by gusts of passion and is free from egoism or the desire to possess. Then you will experience Light, and illumine the Path for others. Experience the joy that emanates from Love with no blemish of attachment.

- Divine Discourse, 25 Apr 1961.

Fill your hearts with the light of love so that the evil qualities of hate, greed and conceit find no place therein. - Baba